Be Bold - Be a badass

Stand Out in ANY Crowd & Turn Heads Wherever You Go!

Bold Ninja Artwear Designs Empower You to Express Your Badass Self!

bold leggings - stay active - look sizzling hot

Reach New heights

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Color outside the lines

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Ninja Artwear

Stop Hiding in the Shadows - Be Seen - Be Noticed - Be Remembered!


Your imagination
Your Mind &
Your Body

Clothing to start conversations

Life is about connecting with others, sharing your passions.

What better way to showcase who you ARE and start a conversation than with BOLD wearable art that showcases your bold personality!

You. Are. The. Canvas.

Alexandra Morin

They have personally designed a phone case for me from a pattern they only had on other products. I couldn't be more pleased with the quality of customer service that they offered to me!!

Averil Heath

They are beautiful and comfortable.Thank you!

(Averil ordered a crop top, leggings, and a hoodie.)

Christina Jacquelyn Calph

I love your dresses and your crops/leggings. They are so bold and colorful. Your clothing is so eye-catching and fun! OMG I love your clothes so much!

Zoom Collection

Bring Adventure With you

With our bold new designs, every day can be an adventure, no matter where you go or what you do.

You'll bring excitement along with you that grabs attention and makes YOU magnetic!

Stop Wearing the Same Boring Clothes as Everyone else.

Express Your Unique Individuality! Stand Out In ANY Crowd!

You were born to be bold

to be a badass!
to express yourself in the world!

Stop holding back!
Show the world the bold badass you were born to be!