Juliet Easton creates digital art including photographs she takes and edits with various iOS apps.

She then positions her art on clothing in a way that is flattering to the person wearing the clothing items.

Many of her designs come from her #CreateEveryDay series where she made a new creation every day for over 200 days. Many of these creation were digital art. There is also a mini-series within the #CreateEveryDay series called the Venus Embrace Series. The art in this series features a Gillette Venus Embrace razor.

Juliet's art features heavily saturated color, and some recurring themes including dragonflies which are symbols of transformation. Unlike caterpillars which hide in cocoons to transform into butterflies, dragonflies transform out in the open for the world to see. Juliet often does the same by sharing her transformational journey with her friends and followers on social media.

Juliet earned her BFA in Fine Arts from UGA in 1989.


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